The benefits of drinking detox water

You must have come across photos of so-called detox water on the social networks, that is, water to which various fruits and vegetables have been added, which should help the body to get rid of harmful substances and lose weight. In addition to being healthy, it tastes good and you will drink it with pleasure and it will be easier to stick to a healthy diet.
Instead of unhealthy sweets, the desire for sweetness is satisfied by drinking fruit-sweetened detox water. Just 6 to 8 glasses a day will help you stay hydrated and keep your vital organs at their best.
Aside from sweating the body to eliminate toxins, we can also do it through detox drinks. The easiest way to make such juices is to add healthy foods to plain water. Cynthia Sas, who designed the drink, claims that after four days of regular consumption of the drink, we can lose three pounds and lose 10 inches in waist circumference.
Did you know that with the help of detox water you can lose weight and cleanse your body of toxins? This drink refreshes, eliminates cellulite, eliminates excess fluid, prevents wrinkles, eliminates the problem of oily skin, cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances and stimulates metabolism! Health brings you the details of all the benefits of consuming detox water and the recipes you can begin to prepare and consume NOW.

What does detox water do to our body?
Due to its role as a natural body cleaner, water is a very effective weapon for detoxification. Its benefits are used by lovers of exercise and healthy living, and in addition to drinking it in sufficient quantities, it is increasingly combined with other ingredients.
Specifically, a mixture of healthy ingredients with water, commonly known as detox water, prevents bloating, cleanses the body of toxins and speeds up metabolism.
Through the intake of food, the defense of the body against infections and the recovery from stress and exercise, the body accumulates a number of chemicals that, if not regulated, can introduce various poisons and cause serious damage to our body.
The body has two major organs that help regulate these chemicals so they don’t happen: the liver and the kidneys. They both work to break down and remove these chemicals from your body.
The purpose of detox is to improve the effectiveness of these organs. This is because, as with any other organ, their continued use causes cell breakdown. Detox also helps you recover from exercise and fat loss, as well as supporting a range of physical functions.

How to make detox water yourself?
To get started, you need to get the following items:
Plants: You can add them optional, although optional. Certainly, plants give a better “smack” to the fruit and get the best out of it.
Fruit: You can use whatever fruit you want, just avoid the banana. It is better for making smoothie drinks than for detox water. Just make sure that the fruit you choose is ripe enough to make your drink as tasty and sweet as possible. The best choices are watermelon, lemon, orange, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and the like.
Bowl or jar: because they are transparent and we can see what we made (these waters are photogenic, haha). Because of the lid, too, because it’s best to keep detox water in the refrigerator overnight.
Glass Bottle: If you’re on the move, it’s easier to carry a bottle than a jar.
Wooden spoon: it is best to mix fruits and herbs with it as it will not lose its benefits they give us.
Water: It is logical that you need it, but our advice is to first purify the water to make sure everything is healthy.
The beauty is that there are more options for making detox water and you know you can’t be bored because you’ll always be using some other type of food.

Additional tips:
To make it perfect, make detox water in the evening so drink it the next morning.
As a last resort, keep it at room temperature for about an hour or two before use, and leave it in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours.
It is best to drink it the same or until the next day, because then you can reap the full benefits of its ingredients. As a last resort, you can keep detox water in the fridge for up to 3 days.
After the first day, remove the decaying fruit so that it does not blur the water and worsen its taste. You can also simply strain it before use.
If you use citrus fruits, detox water will be bitter due to the bitterness in the fruit bark. Remove the bark before insertion into the water and there will be no bitterness. This is also true of cucumber. Easy, right?
The water you use must be either cool or stored at room temperature. If you use hot water, all the vitamins in the fruit will disappear and they will look brown, which we don’t like.
You can enjoy the benefits of water every day, but it is very important that you drink well-purified water. Avoid plastic bottles, because first, because of frequent changes in temperature, plastics can be very dangerous and cancerous, and second, plastic bottles retain a large amount of bacteria, especially in the parts where we drink.

Spa detox water
This type of detox water is often served in spas. It has a very refreshing and relaxing taste, ideal for summer and spring days. In addition to providing you with hydration, lemons will protect the immune system, stimulate digestion and alkalize the body, while cucumber will have anti-inflammatory properties and a refreshing effect. The mint leaves will add some sweetness and freshness, but also soothe the belly.
1l of water
half cucumber (cut into strips or strips)
half lemon (sliced or sliced)
5 mint leaves
Add all ingredients to a jar or glass bottle, add water, and refrigerate overnight. You can also squeeze the lemon, or squeeze all the ingredients slightly to enhance the flavor.
For a better effect on your beverage, make a spa night at your home.