Choosing Raw

Fresh food, or as they like to say today, “raw food”, modeled on the West, is a diet rich exclusively in fresh and raw foods. By this we mean fresh fruits and vegetables, dried meat, fresh fish and eggs, dairy products that have not undergone pasteurization, cold-pressed olive and coconut oil, nuts, cereals, algae and seeds. Raw or fresh diets are based on organically grown products that do not contain additives or pesticides and have not undergone heat treatment.

Why is a Raw Diet Good?

Raw nutrition, or fresh food, contains important nutrients in its original form. Foods are considered raw if they have never been heated to 40-48 degrees Celsius because they would destroy the enzymes necessary for the absorption of the nutrients. Cooking destroys the bacteria, but not only the bad ones, but also the good ones that are responsible for a healthy digestive tract. Also, as mentioned above, foods must not be treated with additives, pesticides, pasteurized or otherwise processed.

So what do raw foods give us?

By bringing such foods into your body, you are providing your body with a full range of healthy ingredients in one meal. These foods are more easily digestible, since they contain digestive enzymes. Raw diet advocates claim that in this way you get exactly the amount of energy necessary for the proper functioning of your body and that using this type of diet can cure various ailments. Also, with the help of easily digestible foods, you conserve the vital energy of the body and “rest” the stomach from the heavy ingredients that need to be processed. Therefore, your body has more energy and energy and you will not need unhealthy sweet “breaks” to restore energy and gain weight. Fresh foods contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants, so they are great for preventing various diseases. Many other benefits are added as a bonus to this diet, such as clean skin, healthy and lush hair, cleansing the body of poisons, reducing pimples and wrinkles, etc. Also, various authors cite a clearer state of mind and spirit as one of the benefits.

Does it harm in the long run?

There is controversy over whether raw or fresh nutrition is harmful in the long run, as well as whether all nutrients (in) are obtained solely by eating raw foods. First of all, we are referring to the insufficient amount of calories that we feed with raw food, because it is calorie less valuable than “ordinary” food. Food choices are very limited, and avoiding cooked foods also means limiting food preparation. Also, vitamins B12 and D can be in short supply because we do not intake them with fresh vegan foods. Unless you are ingesting supplements, your body’s chances of consuming those vitamins and minerals over time are high and protein, as well as calories, are deficient. In addition, the risks of food poisoning are more pronounced in this type of diet because foods do not undergo heat treatment. Also, getting fresh and organic foods can be very expensive.

So, Raw Food – yes or no?

It is very appealing to have a diet that will shine our skin, keep our hair healthy and beautiful, and completely revitalized. However, we have to keep in mind that what often happens to someone is medicine, to someone else is poison, so be careful when introducing any new, restrictive diet. If you want to restore health, freshness and energy to your body, make sure that it is provided for raw food one week per month, but do not practice it in the long run unless you have consulted your doctor first. A raw diet for one week a month can do a lot for your body without disrupting your body’s proper functioning. Combined with regular physical activity, it will restore your strength and energy, restore vitality and help you lose weight if necessary. If you have not tried this type of diet before, try it for a week – you will experience significant changes in your body. Our recommendation? Raw, healthy foods, our raw cookies with no additives, light training and no hassle, you’re ready for summer. The Cake it Easy Team is here to make your new diet easier and sweeter.