Sweet tooth raging out of control? Here’s how to tame those sugar cravings.

Are you one of those people who has a bar of chocolate for “crisis days”? It’s time to throw them away along with your craving for sweets.

Each of us has some vice, which he loves, only because he is forbidden or not good, but you must learn to control them, especially when it comes to “sweet sin”. Some people are so crazy about sugar that they eat it with a spoon. It is already a serious stage of craving. Emergency cuts are necessary or you will end up with crooked teeth and many pounds of excess. And, that will be your least worry, if along with “sweet sin” you get chronic inflammation, low levels of good cholesterol, diabetes…

Women are not recommended more than six teaspoons of sugar a day, and men are advised to use nine. And, most of us bring in twice as much daily. This does not include sugar, which is brought in through foods such as fruit or milk (milk sugar).

It’s not a problem to take a teaspoon of sugar from time to time (in tea, coffee, drinks), but it’s bad when it goes into craving. Especially if, in addition to pure sugar, you drink sodas (packed with sugar), calorie desserts (sweets, oily creams) and the like. Then the inflammation spreads throughout the body and damage the tissues over time. These chronic inflammations play an important role in the onset of heart disease, cancer and many other diseases.

While it is possible that you have inherited your craving for sweet, that cannot be an excuse. You can control it. Of course, by no means artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which is very dangerous. (When buying groceries keep an eye on labels and avoid groceries with artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame).

Sweets and controls

Sweets must be brought under control. It will be easiest for you to enrich your diet with fiber-rich foods such as fruits and cereals. Read the labels to find “hidden” sugar, which can also be found in spaghetti sauce, canned soup or ketchup.

Whenever you are called “sweets”, stop and think about a healthier option. (You can even try the agave nectar). You don’t have to give up everything, but control is urgently needed. (You will find suggestions for healthy snacks here).

Combine protein such as eggs, turkey or chicken with healthy fats, which can be found in fish, olive oil or avocado. You will soothe your hunger and stabilize your blood sugar. Sweets will almost not be on your mind.

Replace “sugar bombs”, such as carbonated juices, alcoholic beverages, and sweetened fruit juices with sugar-free teas or pure water.

Instead of sweets, keep healthy snacks in your “rack” – dried fruits, fresh berries, cherries or melons.

Some people have also been helped by meditation in crisis situations. Maybe it can help you too. It’s worth a try.

Dried fruits as a healthy substitute for sweets

Dried bananas and apples are a healthy alternative for candy lovers. Dried fruits contain important minerals and vitamins and provide resistance on stressful days.

Dry fruit should always be on hand as it contains three important vital substances – the mineral anti-stress magnesium, the mineral calcium, B vitamins for the strong nerves and the oligo-element iron for vitality. The dried fruit promotes digestion and circulation in the scalp due to intense chewing.

Dried fruits provide energy quickly, but also calories! Due to the lack of fluid, oligo elements and minerals are contained in concentrated form as are carbohydrates such as fruit sugar and grape sugar. That’s why eating a small amount is enough, because 100 grams of dried fruit has between 250 and 290 kilocalories. It is best to chop it finely and add it to yogurt or mousse for breakfast, as it will give great power to the body and brain.

It is important to choose non-sulfur dried fruits, as sulfur fruits from some countries can cause migraines, diarrhea and asthma attacks. In addition, it interferes with the work of many enzymes and destroys B vitamins in the body.